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Living Smaller

With the new year usually comes goals of living larger. For the past few years we’ve noticed a trend in going smaller when it comes to homes. Whether it’s a financial reason, to be energy efficient, or just to be happy with less; we are curious if this trend is going to continue through 2016.

This casual Hill Country cottage pours on the Southern charm with its familiar farmhouse form, picture-perfect proportions, and inviting front porch nestled beneath a curtain of large oak trees. The stone facade and metal roofing nod back to Fredericksburg's original German-style architecture. We'd love to kick up our feet and wind down our week in this soulful country home.:

There’s something special about a well designed home that leaves a smaller footprint. It can feel like a larger home by simply making it feel more open.

House Tour: A Smartly Designed 362-Square-Foot Bungalow. Tiny House Tour. Living Small. Simplicity:

Getting creative with storage is another key. We all come with a certain amount of things that we aren’t really to let go of. Having creative storage spaces gives you more square footage.

11 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bedroom | Apartment Therapy:

This trend has taking over in 2015 and proved to provide more security, financial stability, and been beneficial to our economy. What do you think? Is 2016 going to continue living large in smaller homes?

5 Tips to Make Small Rooms Worker Harder in Your Home. Click to see how I used them to turn my laundry room into a sunny breakfast nook, mudroom and household storage space.:

1. via 2. via 3. via 4 via


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A Few Reasons to Love 2015’s Home Market

Colonial   Plantation   Southern   House Plan 86186 - Might like this one the best.  Time to play Lotto.  lol.

We all know it’s be a struggle these days in the real estate world but 2015 is a fresh new start, and with all those new goals we have in mind, maybe a new home might just be a great starting point. If you’ve been shying away from a new home because of the real estate market, you might want to change your mind while you can:

Thank you Fannie Mae! Like a long lost friend we are finally getting back in touch with great opportunities like lower down payments!

Perfect Little Cabin Plan!! Whisper Creek Plan #1653 - 17 House Plans with Porches - Southern Living

“Prospective buyers have another reason to high-five Fannie and Freddie: They’ve recently agreed to get behind loans with just 3 percent down. That lower benchmark, coupled with loosening credit standards, will likely help more first-time buyers enter the market. – 10news”

The rates are still low and seem to be pretty steady. You won’t have to worry about a huge rise in mortgage rates, and all though they are stating that don’t see a huge increase anytime soon, I’d still lock in those rates while you can!

a house in france home tour

Home loans are going to be a little easier to get. The Urban Institute estimates more “normal” lending requirements could mean an additional 1.2 million home loans every year.

Let the new year bring in new amazing options!

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What 2015 Might Look Like

Freddie Mac released its U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook for November.  Let’s see what 2015 has in store for us!

1. Mortgage Rates: Interest rates will likely be on the rise next year, up to 5 percent by the end of the year.

2- Home Prices: After a slowing in 2014 from 2013, it is expected that appreciation will drop further to an average of 3 percent in 2015.
Like the raised bed along the foundation.
3- Housing Starts: New home building is expected to rise by 20% from this year.
Romantic cottages: Small-home charm aims Cupid's arrow at buyers |
4- Single family loans: Mortgage loans for single family homes will likely drop by 8%, attributed to slowing of refinancing.
tiny house tiny house, tiny house plans and interior photos for this tiny home
5- Multi-family loans: Loans for multi-family properties are expected to rise 14% in 2015.
Delightful Weekend: Happy Easter! Greenwich Village Townhouse by Sawyer Berson

Read the article for more information at:  Freddie Mac Real estate predictions for 2015.

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What A Great Year

What a great year 2013 has been! As we look back on all the accomplishments we’ve had we also look forward to another great year ahead. Here’s some of the things we are celebrating:
May: Formed an LLC that capitalizes on the experience and interest of three key partners:
– Adam Baughman: Commercial Real Estate Construction, Engineering background, Project Management
– Ben Smith: Residential Real Estate purchase and renovation, buy and hold experience, Business Management background
– Britney Smith: Residential buy and hold experience, tenant / seller relations, Financial expertise, and Marketing
June – July: Heavily networked and formed relationships with key Realtors, Brokers, Investors,Rehabbers, Contractors, and Title Companies. Developed on-line presence; created web site and social media sites, and began direct marketing to sellers.
1 Front
August – December: Perfected direct marketing, outsourced some basic business functions, and submitted 10-30 offers per month on houses in our preferred markets. Began purchasing homes and managing rehabs on a large scale. Established a Private Placement Memo for our investors looking for an easy way to participate in our business.
1913 Harcourt Ave, Crofton
End Result:
– Purchased numerous Single Family Homes in our 3 markets (MD, NC, and FL) from $52k – $400k
– Managed Rehabs ranging from $1,200 to $130,000 on homes purchased
– Purchased properties primarily from our Direct Marketing efforts, but also from referrals and MLSlistings
– Received offers on 80% of our rehab’d houses within 15 days of completion
MPS stands poised to meet 2014 with even more focus, vigor, and passion. We will sustain our ability to manage multiple rehabs and continue to submit multiple offers to get the right houses at the right price. With an increase in marketing, we also plan to increase our “homes purchased” in 2014. We will continue to develop valuable relationships with top contractors and real estate professionals, and maximize ROI while minimizing risk for our investors!
Thank you all for a great 2013 and we look forward to sharing a prosperous 2014 with you!
“Improving America’s Communities, One Home at a Time!”
Benjamin M. Smith  |  Adam M. Baughman  |  Britney O. Smith