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It’s time to winterize!

Winter’s can be hard on a home and hard on the budget during the holiday season. It’s important to do a quick winterizing before things start adding up and damages get out of control!

A Winter Home Nestled in The Snow:

Here is a great checklist we found at backtoherroots:

Get ready for the cold snap with this checklist! Get your house in property in tip-top shape before the snow shows up.:

It’s important to keep your home prepped and ready for each season! We hope this great find helps you keep your home in order this winter.


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Helping Kids Adjust During A Move

We always talk about moving, opportunities, and updates, but what about adjustments for the ones we love? Here’s a few tips for the little ones in families that might need a little help adjusting as well.

Amanda Peet's house: California Boho, entry hall, pink Turkish rug, black, white, natural:

Keep some things the same. If you had fresh flowers in your first home, having fresh flowers in your new home will give them a sense of comfort.

Embaixo da janela do closet deu para instalar a sapateira revestida de laminado. Com 18 cm de profundidade, é suficiente para pôr os sapatos em pé nas gavetas basculantes de 65 x 42 cm cada uma:

Make sure they have what they need for their room. Giving them a defined space and everything put where it belongs may not be your top priority when you move in. Beds and kitchen things are definitely important, but to a child having a place where their things belong is too.

Midcentury dressed in bedroom:

You might feel inclined to get rid of all your furniture and get new things, but a piece from the previous home may help with the transition. You might upgrade later, but it might help them see that it’s still a piece of who you are in the new home.

30 Colorful and Fun Kids Bathroom Ideas | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design:

Bathrooms are personal, especially when you are potty training. New potty’s are scary to most kids. Make the bathroom feel like theirs. Even if it’s completely new, just knowing it’s decorated for them or decorated like the previous home may help them adjust. (Again nothing has to be permanent.)

Holiday Home Tour Day 4 {Forever*Cottage}:

Keeping the first holiday as “normal” as possible is helpful. There’s so much change already happening and a holiday’s are a big event that they’ll want to be kept just the same! It can be easy as the same decorations for the year.

Everyone has a story to tell. tell on. // Artifact Uprising | Create your own Premium Photobook:

Give them a chance to look back.  It can be as simple as a little picture book of memories from the old home. They’ll need to mentally go back sometimes and this is a great way to help them feel better during the adjustment. It’s hard to feel like part of your life was taken away from you, but being able to see the memories helps.

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Holiday Decor that Can Help You Sell

Looking to sell your property during the holiday season? Here are a few tips to help you incorporate some holiday decor to help you sell!


Don’t overdo the decor but adding a few simple touches can make it feel like being home for the holidays, which can create a great emotional bond between a buyer and a home.


Use common sense! Broad holiday decor that could be universally loved is a much better option than specific items. For example, snowflakes rather than snowmen or basic ornaments instead of personal ones.


Try to go gender neutral. Remember that you are trying to appeal your home to many different types of buyers. Going with neutral colors is a great way to go gender neutral as well!


Make sure it isn’t hazardous! No candles that need to be lite, that could potentially cause a fire, and make sure it’s somewhat child friendly in case buyers come with small children.


Use your decorations to highlight the features in your home and be careful to not hide the best spots as well!

I hope these tips will help you throughout the holidays!

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Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

There is a great article I want to share with everyone today about selling your home fast! That seems to be what most sellers are most interested in, yet have a hard time implementing. This article by Lisa Ross has a great list of must do’s to get your home out there and be seen and sold quickly! It may seem like it’s coming up on the season where things tend to slow down but this year is expected to be different. Don’t hold out on listing your home this winter, you may be shocked at how fast it sells!

Lovely traditional home decorated for Christmas || Want this someday. Or similar.

She goes into detail about how these ways can help you whether you are a realtor, photographer, or just a homeowner. It doesn’t matter what your title is, you all have the same goal in mind! Take a look at her article here to make sure you are on the right track!