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Dunloggin Rd, Ellicott City, MD

Our next home is up for sale! This beautiful renovated single family home is move in ready! With 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2,744 square feet, there is plenty of space for the whole family.


















New hard wood, renovated kitchen with new appliances, updated bathrooms, and plenty of space to call this home!

You can find more information about this listing here!


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Rent Rising? Roommate Musts.

Rent keeps rising, and with that comes a financial burden some can’t bear. Although buying a new home might not be on your mind, having a roommate in your newly purchased home or in your rented space is looking like a must have to get through this rise in price.

Remove upper cabinet doors to give a narrow kitchen a sense of openness. Then set off the revealed shelves with a decorative treatment. To do so, remove cabinet doors and fill in holes with wood filler. Sand until smooth, and paint or stain as desired. Apply your desired treatment to the inside after priming the interior walls.:

Shared spaces are hard to conquer, especially when you have been living on your own! Here are a few tips to help you get through the transition. Imagine cutting your belongings in half. All this storage space you have had before is now going to be shared. Be willing to split the space.

Decor Inspiration Ideas: Living Room |

Be ready to mix styles. Each roommate comes with their own items and their own tastes. Each shared space should have a happy balance of each person. Be open to change and incorporating their items with yours.

Give your bedroom a tasteful dose of glam with a slightly shimmery wallpaper and clean neutral colors.:

Define personal spaces. When sharing a living space, it’s important to have your own individual space that you can escape to. Make this space feel like home to you.

5 tips for updating your bathroom with the Crate and Barrel Gift Registry on 100 Layer Cake:

Bathrooms can be the hardest to share! If you are sharing a bathroom make sure you have enough room. Double sinks is a major win when it comes to sharing a bathroom.

vintage modern twist on tile / sfgirlbybay:

Go ahead and sit down with your new roommate and set up a plan. Work out a weekly/monthly cleaning schedule. Talk about what your daily routines are and find out theirs as well. The more you communicate, the better this transition will work out for both of you!

1.via bhg  2. via nousdecor  3. via bhg 4. via 100layercake 5. via sfgirlbybay

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2016 Home Must Haves

As we are preparing for the holidays and the new year, we are trying to figure out what the new year will bring. New homes, new buyers, new trends, and new adventures await us! Here are some of the home must haves we think will be headed our way for 2016:

Dreamy spa-inspired bathrooms -->

Spa like bathrooms! A getaway from the outside world or maybe even a getaway from the rest of the chores in the home. We see 2016 home buyers wanting a relaxing bathroom with light neutrals and luxury items.

light colored wood and white:

We think the bright white kitchen will still be in, but there will be a movement towards natural wood. It stays in the nice bright family but brings in a warmth that a kitchen deserves.

Gallerie B Friday's Favourites. Beautiful home office makeover by Sita Montgomery.:

The work from home trend is still on the rise! We see the importance of a home office rising and replacing a formal living room. It seems like home buyers are more interested in using every square footage of the home to the best of their abilities!

A DIY half wall bookcase @ThriftyDecorChick:

Open floor plans have been all the rage, but we see something different. We are predicting that 2016 will be a happy balance of open and walls. Not every room needs to be open, and there’s something comfortable about a dedicated space.

A pale blue door brightens this home's facade. More inexpensive ways to add curb appeal:

Last but not least, a higher expectation of curb appeal. Home maintenance is important and taking care of what we invest our money in is key. We also are coming into the generation that is coming back to the roots of taking care of neighbors and being close to those we surround ourselves with. Curb appeal helps the entire neighborhood.

What do you think 2016 will bring for new homeowners?

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It’s time to winterize!

Winter’s can be hard on a home and hard on the budget during the holiday season. It’s important to do a quick winterizing before things start adding up and damages get out of control!

A Winter Home Nestled in The Snow:

Here is a great checklist we found at backtoherroots:

Get ready for the cold snap with this checklist! Get your house in property in tip-top shape before the snow shows up.:

It’s important to keep your home prepped and ready for each season! We hope this great find helps you keep your home in order this winter.

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Beams are back!

It seems like beams come and go as a trend but in the past few years it hasn’t been trending in or out. It has now just become a preference. You either love them or you don’t and it doesn’t matter if you fall in love with a home that doesn’t have any, because beams can be put in as an after thought and still look amazing.

Christine Huve Interior Design - bedrooms - chic bedrooms, greek key headboard, gray greek key headboard, gray velvet headboard, white and g...:

Whether you are looking for more character on your wall, or maybe just some texture, beams can definitely accomplish that.

Refurbished old farm house door table with modern pieces:

Maybe you love the look but don’t want them to stand out from the rest of the house, that’s okay they blend well too!

Jeff & Joseph's Silver Lake Bungalow — House Tour | Apartment Therapy:

They can tie in your color scheme for the room.

Bedroom with vaulted ceilings, exposed wood beams, black canopy bed, light blue sofa, and white furnishings including nightstands, lamps, and coffee table.:

Done correctly, they are simply stunning. What do you think?

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The Housing Market on A Rise?

CNN Money posted this video:

First time home buyers are making a dent! Are you going to get in the market before the interest rates go up? What do you think about this video? We would love to hear!

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Now is the time to buy!

Real estate is taking a turn for the better! With the warm weather right around the corner, summer only months away, and the potential for a whole new life only a few clicks away, real estate search engines are seeing a huge increase in activity!

Seaside, Florida...a perfect beach town. One of the prettiest and most quaint places I've visited in the USA. Colourful homes, beautiful beach and bikes only on most roads.

Whether you are looking for a seaside escape ..

A Perfect Day in Georgetown, Georgetown, Washington DC, travel

A city with so much to offer ..

Craftsman Bungalow.  you'll find this style in the Washington Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.

A cozy  neighborhood ..

Beautiful city street in the Fan district of Richmond, VA

There are plenty of options to find for you next chapter. Contact us for more information on what we have available and how fast we can buy your home to get you started on your next adventure!