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2016 Home Must Haves

As we are preparing for the holidays and the new year, we are trying to figure out what the new year will bring. New homes, new buyers, new trends, and new adventures await us! Here are some of the home must haves we think will be headed our way for 2016:

Dreamy spa-inspired bathrooms -->

Spa like bathrooms! A getaway from the outside world or maybe even a getaway from the rest of the chores in the home. We see 2016 home buyers wanting a relaxing bathroom with light neutrals and luxury items.

light colored wood and white:

We think the bright white kitchen will still be in, but there will be a movement towards natural wood. It stays in the nice bright family but brings in a warmth that a kitchen deserves.

Gallerie B Friday's Favourites. Beautiful home office makeover by Sita Montgomery.:

The work from home trend is still on the rise! We see the importance of a home office rising and replacing a formal living room. It seems like home buyers are more interested in using every square footage of the home to the best of their abilities!

A DIY half wall bookcase @ThriftyDecorChick:

Open floor plans have been all the rage, but we see something different. We are predicting that 2016 will be a happy balance of open and walls. Not every room needs to be open, and there’s something comfortable about a dedicated space.

A pale blue door brightens this home's facade. More inexpensive ways to add curb appeal:

Last but not least, a higher expectation of curb appeal. Home maintenance is important and taking care of what we invest our money in is key. We also are coming into the generation that is coming back to the roots of taking care of neighbors and being close to those we surround ourselves with. Curb appeal helps the entire neighborhood.

What do you think 2016 will bring for new homeowners?

  1. hgtv  2.  bhg  3. gallerieb 4. thriftydecorchick  5. bhg

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It’s time to winterize!

Winter’s can be hard on a home and hard on the budget during the holiday season. It’s important to do a quick winterizing before things start adding up and damages get out of control!

A Winter Home Nestled in The Snow:

Here is a great checklist we found at backtoherroots:

Get ready for the cold snap with this checklist! Get your house in property in tip-top shape before the snow shows up.:

It’s important to keep your home prepped and ready for each season! We hope this great find helps you keep your home in order this winter.

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Renters Be Aware

With the rent rising and the popularity of renting still in it’s booming phase, it’s going to be a tough market to get the living space you are looking for.

There are a few smart tips to go into this market with that might be beneficial for you in this process. With the prices rises, it might be smart to consider sharing the rent.

If that’s not an option, know your rights! It’s important to know the rules for fees and deposits and to protect yourself from those landlords who aren’t as reliable or trustworthy.

Anticipate extra fees and costs. Expenses can rise with parking, insurance, and amenities. Never go to your maximum budget because there will always be something extra you aren’t taking into account for. If you are one of those lucky ones without any hidden fees, you’ll appreciate that extra income later on.

Be prepared to negotiate. Since renting is on it’s rise, the competition can get rough. Keep all your information needed for an application ready so there is no wasted time, and accept that you might be fighting with others for the same space.

Be willing to compromise. You are not going to get what you used to pay for.  Accept the fact that you might need to live with less and be reasonable. Renting is stressful enough, you don’t need any extra stress added onto it!

Be prepared. Be ready to negotiate. Be open to different possibilities.

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Are you on your A game?

Flipping home has become a serious competition. If you aren’t one step ahead of the game, you aren’t making the most bang for your buck! There aren’t as many foreclosures on the market and renting has become a great source of income, so how are you supposed to get in there and get those low-end properties with a higher profit rate?

By getting creative!

Some buyers are changing their marketing targets, like picking homeowners who have older homes where they see an income, even if they aren’t for sale! Other’s are targeting landlords who might just be ready to give up due to it being more of a hassle to maintain than to rent.

New homes are still rising in price which makes homes that are flipped more affordable but not losing out on the new finishes and higher end appliances. Keeping up with current trends are also helpful. An older home might not be a potential buyers first choice but if it marks everything off their checklist you can bet the interest will be there.

“The average gross return on investment was 33.8 percent for completed home flips in the third quarter, up from 32.7 percent in the third quarter of 2014, according to RealtyTrac. Some markets, of course, are more lucrative than others. Baltimore, Tampa, Florida, and Chicago hold the top spots for gross flipping returns. The largest share of flips goes to Nevada, Florida and Alabama.” – according to CNBC

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Fall Yard Maintenance

Keeping your house maintained in the fall may seem like a big chore, but it doesn’t take much to keep your curb appeal up and maintained.

cinnamon, leaves, & cozy teas : Photo:

There is any easy way to clean up this season that will make your fall check list dwindle.

How to Compost: Getting Started | HGTV Gardens:

Before you worry about how much work it’s going to be to get this started, it’s simple! You can purchase a compost bin for as little as $25 and it’s easy to get started.

Pick up the twigs and miscellaneous pieces in your hard and put them at the bottom of the compost.

Your beds will need to be refreshed and remulched to keep it from molding and protecting it from the harsh winter weather. Rake out that top layer of rough soil and put it on top of the branches in your compost.

Rake up the leaves and add those to the compost pile next.

Add to the curb appeal of your house -- and increase its value -- with these easy exterior improvements. Welcome autumn in all its glory with a fall-themed door wreath. This ready-made decoration brings together a colorful mix of faux flowers, leaves, and other signs of the season. Best of all, it’s reusable year after year. Transform a slab and steps with the high-end look of stone. Then update a basic mailbox with gleaming copper spray paint.:

Cut the grass one last time close to the ground and put the trimmings in the compost pile. All your yard work is then done and you don’t have bags sitting in your front yard that you’ll need to figure out how to dispose of and when that pile has composted, you can use it for fresh soil later.

Don’t let fall yard work keep your from maintaining your yard. It can be simple!

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Helping Kids Adjust During A Move

We always talk about moving, opportunities, and updates, but what about adjustments for the ones we love? Here’s a few tips for the little ones in families that might need a little help adjusting as well.

Amanda Peet's house: California Boho, entry hall, pink Turkish rug, black, white, natural:

Keep some things the same. If you had fresh flowers in your first home, having fresh flowers in your new home will give them a sense of comfort.

Embaixo da janela do closet deu para instalar a sapateira revestida de laminado. Com 18 cm de profundidade, é suficiente para pôr os sapatos em pé nas gavetas basculantes de 65 x 42 cm cada uma:

Make sure they have what they need for their room. Giving them a defined space and everything put where it belongs may not be your top priority when you move in. Beds and kitchen things are definitely important, but to a child having a place where their things belong is too.

Midcentury dressed in bedroom:

You might feel inclined to get rid of all your furniture and get new things, but a piece from the previous home may help with the transition. You might upgrade later, but it might help them see that it’s still a piece of who you are in the new home.

30 Colorful and Fun Kids Bathroom Ideas | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design:

Bathrooms are personal, especially when you are potty training. New potty’s are scary to most kids. Make the bathroom feel like theirs. Even if it’s completely new, just knowing it’s decorated for them or decorated like the previous home may help them adjust. (Again nothing has to be permanent.)

Holiday Home Tour Day 4 {Forever*Cottage}:

Keeping the first holiday as “normal” as possible is helpful. There’s so much change already happening and a holiday’s are a big event that they’ll want to be kept just the same! It can be easy as the same decorations for the year.

Everyone has a story to tell. tell on. // Artifact Uprising | Create your own Premium Photobook:

Give them a chance to look back.  It can be as simple as a little picture book of memories from the old home. They’ll need to mentally go back sometimes and this is a great way to help them feel better during the adjustment. It’s hard to feel like part of your life was taken away from you, but being able to see the memories helps.

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How is Social Media Changing Real Estate

Social media has taken over so many ways that we communicate. Whether it’s updating your Facebook status, tweeting what’s happening at that moment, or showing off your photography skills on Instagram, it’s obvious this world is digital.

So how is social media changing up real estate? It’s already been a Zillow or Realtor app for a while now, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are in on the mix now! It’s not just real estate agents using these methods but its without a doubt that most are:

But most importantly why? Social media is our way to connect to the ones we already know, the ones who follow what we do, and the ones that we have something in common with like an interest.

Tapping into that personal market is a more successful way to get news out there than a random ad in a random space. More people share the word when they know it’s coming from someone they trust, like, or know.

Are you taking advantage of social media marketing?