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Updating Must Haves

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When you are looking at renovating a home there are some things that are unchangeable: location, sometimes square footage, layout, and neighborhood. That’s when you focus on what can be changed. Updates can make or break a home, so here a few that are must haves when it comes to updating.

Garage door with X-motifs and windows allow these garage doors to blend in beautifully:

Curb Appeal. It could be a matter of some light gardening, maybe a power wash, or it could be a major overhaul but curb appeal should be number one on your list. Update light fixtures, the walking path, fresh flowers, an updated door or garage door could really help as well.

Kitchens That'll Never Go Out of Style: 7 Ingredients for a Timeless Look:

A Functional Kitchen. There is not one home buyer that I have met that will waiver on a kitchen’s functionality. It might not be their color, or their style, but if it’s functional – it will do! Dream kitchen’s can always be made down the road but functionality until the dream comes true is very important.

White Bathroom:

A Clean Bathroom. It does not need to be top of the line. You do not need the most beautiful tiles in the world. What you do need is for it to work properly and be clean! A clean bathroom can make a world of a difference to a buyer.

White brick fireplace | via @bleubird | #chasingthelight:

Updated Flooring. This is an expensive one. Flooring can make or break a home for most buyers. If it is not well maintained, they may feel like the rest of the house is going to have hidden issues. Even if it’s just a quick sand and stain, an updated floor can create a very comfortable start to the buying process.

Farmhouse table with lantern and shiplap walls || Studio McGee:

Fixtures. It may seem ridiculous to spend the money updating fixtures but it is not. New home owners do not want to spend the entire weekend changing out every door knob, light fixture, and rod in their home. Again this is a very personal thing, that one day could be changed down the road, but don’t turn them off with out of date fixtures that would make them want to tear them all down immediately.

Coffee Table Tutorial (Ikea Hack): I have some of these tables that I could freshen up!!!:

If you are staging the home, find a happy balance between decluttered and feels like home. Most stagers are going on the spectrum of empty, which can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming. It can be as simple as a few books and a fresh plant on a coffee table, or even some decorative throw pillows and a blanket. Keep the clutter away, but don’t be afraid to decorate.

What are your must have updates?


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