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How is Social Media Changing Real Estate

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Social media has taken over so many ways that we communicate. Whether it’s updating your Facebook status, tweeting what’s happening at that moment, or showing off your photography skills on Instagram, it’s obvious this world is digital.

So how is social media changing up real estate? It’s already been a Zillow or Realtor app for a while now, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are in on the mix now! It’s not just real estate agents using these methods but its without a doubt that most are:

But most importantly why? Social media is our way to connect to the ones we already know, the ones who follow what we do, and the ones that we have something in common with like an interest.

Tapping into that personal market is a more successful way to get news out there than a random ad in a random space. More people share the word when they know it’s coming from someone they trust, like, or know.

Are you taking advantage of social media marketing?


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