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Changes that Make a Difference

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If you are thinking about making some changes around the home, here are the ones that really make a difference.

An updated kitchen and appliances.

sherwin williams sea salt is one of the most popular green, blue, gray paint colour, good for a spa or beach theme bathroom or room

Changing the paint color of the room!

#inspiration  Photography: Tracey Ayton -  Read More:

New light fixtures and hardware around the house like door knobs and drawer pulls.

Young Home Love: Clean, White & Pretty…A Lovely & Simple Design For Your Young Home | Fab You Bliss

Updated flooring can really change the look and feel of the home and with so many new options this doesn’t have to be as costly as it used to be.

I like the twist on installation of the subway tile and the wood vanity

Fresh new tile in the bathroom!

What are some other changes around the home that you have done to really make a difference?


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