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Paisley Punch List

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Recently we went through Paisley and made a punch list to finish before the final reveal!

  • There are various areas the paint is bubbling around the fascia & some around the front window frame. We need to correct this.

  • There are shingles to the right when facing the home that are sagging, like someone placed a latter over them. We need these straightened out so they don’t look like old shingles.

  • The front porch area & front posts need some touch up paint
  • Need to caulk around the front fascia and around the windows so there are no gaps

  • Need to add a little more mulch to the front where dirt is showing.

  • There is a pile of wood on the side yard of the home if we can get hauled away

  • Secure the TWC box to the home

  • There are a few boards that are soft & need to be secured. There are also various areas of the deck that will need to be repainted. This includes around the bottom of the posts on the ground and board under bottom step.

  • The lattice under the left side of the deck needs to be flush with the bottom of the deck. There are a few lattices missing under the step area.

  • Remove shrubbery at the back of the home. There are various areas where vines are beginning to grow. If we could remove those vines.

  • Need to finish the kitchen floor and add trim/threshold. Including both doorways, between the kitchen/dining room & kitchen/great room.

  • The side door entrance that is being used needs to have the seal repaired or replaced and some touch up paint. There are cracks showing in the door frame.

  • Replace small window in door.

  • The bottom of the Refrigerator needs to be secured.

  • Gloss spray paint the side top portion of the stove
  • Need all the corners of the hardwood floors in the dining room, bedrooms and hallways sanded.

  • Add light in the living room to the fan. We are aware this may be an additional cost.
  • Remove all stickers from all windows or on any items.
  • Need touch up paint throughout. Also need touch up paint on base boards.

  • Need to fix the floor in the great room where the one piece is popping up.
  • Spot on wall by air return in hall needs repaired then painted.
  • Adjust hinges on hall bath vanity door. Not closing properly.
  • Add the trim/threshold in master bath door

  • The left side of the master bath vanity need touch up paint.
  • Replace lights in master bath for updated lights

  • Clean out air vent in master bath floor where debris has fallen down.
  • Need to caulk master bath tile floor where it’s dirty

  • Touch up paint under the master bath window.
  • Small spot in ceiling of the back bedroom needs touch up paint.
  • Fill gap around the windows in back bedroom.

Getting close to finishing this one!


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