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Less Is More

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It is said that living with less gives you more when it comes to life. I realized in our latest move that going through everything we owned, the less we packed, the less we had to carry with us! It is always said that those who move often tend to have less in general. I can imagine that since I wouldn’t want to pack and repack items that aren’t worth my time.

what an interesting layout for a kitchen - no upper cabinets to clutter up the view -sh

I am curious to see if living less would suit you? Do you think you could get rid of most of your items and be happy with the bare minimum?

Russian architecture firm INT2 decked out this apartment in a clean but not exactly minimalist aesthetic.

There’d be less time cleaning, that’s for sure! If you have less clutter you waste less time shifting that clutter around.

A gorgeous, white and simple workspace

Some people would even say that having less makes you less stressed. You learn to live with what you have and then you aren’t wasting your time or money on useless things.

Grey cabinets, marble counter tops, French doors, and a sweet Sub-Zero refrigerator.

If that were the case, getting rid of all the things I have would free up so much of my time and money, I could actually put more money into the actual home I am buying instead of the things inside it.

Don’t let consumption consume you. | 15 Minimalist Hacks To Maximize Your Life

Where would you put your time and money?


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