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Why Zillow is Changing Real Estate

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As we all know technology keeps getting better and the way we do things with it are expanding our opportunities. It was predicted by zillow that more homes would be sold this winter do to being able to view the properties online prior to going house to house to find the perfect one. I feel like the were right on cue and there’s only more to come

With a zestimate to see what our current house is worth, what fees to expect, how much your mortgage is and how much you can put down. There are so many feature’s that zillow has provided for us to make the thought of moving and searching options easier. They found an opportunity in what was lacking in the real estate and have changed the way we have viewed home buying.

Now they have come up with a new book about the rules of real estate. It talks about the new challenges to home buying and data providing insights on what we once thought were some of the most important aspects in searching for a home like “buy the worst house in the best neighborhood”. Is that the best way to buy a home now?

Looks like we’ll have to find out!


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