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Tips on Real Estate Photography!

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If you are interested in Real Estate Photography here a few tips to get you started:

Camera: Purchase a good quality camera and read through the guide!! It’s important to learn everything that it can do to help you maneuver a great photo.

9 Helpful Tips on How to Take Fantastic Photos Everyone Will Love … Learning how to take fantastic photos is actually quite easy. Everyone’s a photographer these days, thanks to programs like Instagram, …Practice: Practice makes perfect! Try getting great shots around your house, use different lenses and accessories (like a tripod!) to figure out what works best for you. Get used to different lighting and how angles look in each photo.

I really like Making It Lovely's explanation on how to photograph your house the right way.Editing: Find an editing program you like and learn everything there is to know about it! Figure out how to adjust your pictures to look how you want them to.

How We Shot It - Real-Estate Photography

But most importantly: Capture the homes best qualities! Make it a space worth falling in love and moving for.

My Formula For Pricing Real Estate Photography


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