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Moving Must Haves

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Moving into your new home can be exciting, overwhelming, and stressful all at the same time! Here are a few tips to help you get through the firs 24 hours:

1. Pack a suitcase:

I did this in my studio. Inside is vintage lace, velvets, silks, special threads and ribbons and a one case if full of antique quilt blocks. So cute!

Put in it the clothes that you’ll need for two days and a night, bathroom necessities (including toilet paper), and maybe even your pillow and a blanket in case you don’t get the bed set up right away!

2. Kitchen necessities:

Minimalist Danish Kitchen Designs by Kvik Kitchen Inspiration

Paper towels, paper plates, utensils, cooler of food, snack bag, and trash bags!

3. Label label label:

I like these ideas for moving!! And a checklist to print! Another good idea for our move coming up!!

Label those boxes with whats inside, color code them for each room in the house, and put a great big start sticker on the ones that should be opened first. I did this for my last move in and it saved us so much time and frustration of moving boxes around a millions times and opening the same ones to see what’s inside!

4. Make a list:


Make a list before you move of things you might want to buy on your way there like batteries, a first aid kit, flashlight, light bulbs, paper products, or even some curtains to cover the windows the first night.

5. Enjoy:

Go Whimsical in Your Color Approach. Teal front door and gray grey exterior on house home. (IDEA for front porch)

Try not to stress about too much. Almost everything in the moving process can be replaced and it’s more important that you enjoy the journey than worry about the little things. After all, you just got a brand new home!


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