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Prepping for the Winter

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This is really important if you are selling a home, renting out property, or even for your own house. Prepping for winter can save you money as well as make a difference to a buyer! What can you do to help keep out those winter blues?

1. Replace Air Filters:

Get rid of the old and bring in the new! It helps refresh the house as well as make it not work so hard to keep it warm. This is a big money saver for you and some great information you can pass on to home buyers who love to save some money.

Such clean details… perfect! even the return air vent is good looking

2. Check Your Thermostats:

If the thermostat is only, you can guarantee you are loosing some money there. Also make sure it’s running properly! Thermostats that allow you to control the temperature by time settings can also be a great budget friendly option. While you aren’t home or while you are sleeping, lower the temperature so you aren’t wasting any heat! If you are selling a property set it a lower temperature and let Realtors know they need to turn it up in advanced to showing a home!

Gallery Wall...I like the idea of mixing pieces so it's not all pictures! I want to paint all the frames in the staircase just one or two colors!!!!

3. Clear Away Those Vents:

Make sure there is nothing blocking the vents and clean them out!! The more room they have to breath, the better heat circulation you are going to get.

Arent & Pyke Architects

4. Insulate Exposed Pipes:

Check your basement, make sure there aren’t any pipes that are exposed. A frozen pipe can do some serious damage as well as be a huge cost in the long wrong. Insulated pipes are a cheap fix that can really save you later!

Insulate your pipes.  Insulating your pipes can have a huge economic benefit for your household—not to mention being a major energy-saver. Pablo at Treehugger estimates insulating his pipes saves him $10 per year in water heating costs—less than the cost to install the installation. It’s not the flashiest DIY project, but keeping your pipes covered provides a huge bang for your environmental buck.

5. Outdoor Faucets and sprinklers:

Be sure to drain them before you turn them off! Take of the hoses and add a thermal cover for the winter.

Gravel around the foundation for drainage, plant shrubs along to help soak up water. Like the idea of the large rock to prevent erosion from the water spicket. Maybe a few cool pots or barrels with plants too? I like :)

6. Check for any leaks or cracks that might need to be sealed off:

Winter can bring a lot of wet heavy mess as well as serious cold winds. Those tiny cracks can make a difference if they are letting in cold air and a small leak can become a major one if not taken care of properly.

I'm obsessed with wide-board wood floors.  So warm and welcoming - perfect for an entry way

7. Lighting:

It gets dark earlier and it’s important that things are well lit so you can see! Check to make sure your house has great interior lights throughout and stock up on those light bulbs!

Interior Design Ideas - Home Bunch - An Interior Design & Luxury Homes Blog

8. Check in periodically:

If you have a home for sale or rental that’s empty, check in periodically to make sure everything is running smoothly and there’s no fixes necessary!


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