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Five Interesting Things for Investors!

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As if my reasons about why investing in homes was a great idea post before wasn’t good enough for you, here are five things that realtytimes put together that make it even more intriguing:

New York City Symmetry. - NY Rental Apartments with No Broker's Fee.
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1. Rising prices:

The buying market is low and the houses are starting to sell for more! This is the perfect time to see appreciation in a home with little input. This includes rental properties which are going to raise in profits as well!

7 Ways to Add DIY Style to Stock Builder Grade Kitchens
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2. Affordability:

With everything still on the cusp of going up, you can snag a great house for a great deal! Mortgage rates are low, which offers a great opportunity for those who do want to rent and can raise the prices later without the mortgage rising!

Montage: 13 Bathrooms With Tiled Vanity Countertops - StyleCarrot #PennyTIle
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3. Rental Prices:

In some markets the rental rates have already shot up! You can already get a great low mortgage rate and a high rental rate and start off on the right foot.

Style for small spaces
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4. Capital:

Capital is more accessible. Private investors are able to find financing for parts of their returns. Gain some insight on what opportunities you have to for investing in real estate.

dark star / sfgirlbybay | a rental home in The Hague, Netherlands | photography by jansje klazinga for vtwonen
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5. Stress Free:

When you think of being a landlord you certainly do NOT thing of being stress free, well now you do! With service oriented businesses and technology-based solutions these days, you can divvy out all the stressful parts of being a landlord to someone else! Consider a property manager.


One thought on “Five Interesting Things for Investors!

  1. Reblogged this on KPM Blog and commented:
    This about says it all. Now is a great time to invest in your future with rental properties. Give us a call today and we can come up with a customized plan that works for you! We can set up a market search and assist you in buying a home that is optimized for today’s rising rental market!

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