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Home Inspiration: Fireplace Layout

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Making the fireplace the centerpiece of your home! We’ve had so many homes lately with stunning fireplaces in the living room, I thought we’d share some great ways to style your furniture around it:

Fireplace Designs and Decorating Ideas  A fireplace is a natural focal point in any room. Add interest and warmth to your home with these fireplace facelifts.via bhg

Keep the view open to the fireplace with furniture surrounding it’s view on all but one side.

Built-in entertainment center and bookcases. Fireplace. Lots to like here, from the layout to the cathedral ceiling. Family room space.
via sunnysideup

Use an L shaped couch to divide the view from the entertainment center and fireplace if you aren’t willing to give up your TV view!

via everythinglab

Divided couches with chairs facing the fireplace gives you a great open view with the big furniture to the sides.

stone or whatever trim around the black part then piece together trim on sides and top that match our window and door trim then do coordinating box trim on the wall?
via theinspiredroom

Keep it cozy in a smaller room with two chairs nestled in close and a bench that doubles as a table and extra seating but doesn’t take away from the view.

Love this circle seating arrangement for a sitting room!  Jen -- This is the concept I was talking about.
via lizmarie

Chairs all around! Make this an intimate social space without cluttering the room with large furniture!

How would you style around your fireplace?


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