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Perks of Being an Investor!

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There are plenty of perks for being an Investor when it comes to investing in homes that are being remodeled or rehabbed! Here are just a few:

Keep your color palette simple for the most dramatic effect. "There's nothing worse than a home with too many elements, textures and colors mixed together to create a collage of exterior styles," says designer James Carrick. "Keep consistency and simplicity in mind to bring out the elegance and charm of a home."
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1. You don’t have to find the home!

The rehabbers do that for you! Being an investor means you get handed options of homes you’d like to invest in, or to invest in the company rehabbing itself! No searching required for a good opportunity required!

How to Join Two Single Wide Mobile Homes Into a Doublewide
via ehow

2. You don’t have to worry about the details:

No calling and checking up on contractors, no extra expenses or hidden fees, no stress or worries!

Best Kitchen Appliances - Major Appliances for Your Kitchen - House Beautiful
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3. You don’t have to sell the home and worry about the financial ends of it:

You invest X amount and receive a percentage of the income – really just coming out with anything extra is a bonus right!?

Placing Your Bed In Front Of A Window | Bungalow Home Staging & Redesign
via bungalowhomestagers

4. It doesn’t cost a fortune to invest.

Depending on the person/company you are working with, they will have a minimum investment number so you can go with the lowest option and still make out pretty well!

Like how open the front door is. Will let in a lot of natural light
via timelesspaper

5. You can reinvest and reinvest!

There are so many homes on the market and plenty of homes that need a little rehab to move forward with. The opportunities are almost endless!

Interested in investing? Call us for some details!


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