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What Windows Can Really Do

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Windows are one of the things that we look at when renovating a home. You may not realize the benefits of new windows in a home, but they can really make a difference and not just by how they look!

Favorite Things Friday -Living Roomvia lizmarieblog

Windows can provide a home with many great things like natural light, warmth from the sun coming in, and ventilation when needed! It can also be burden to a home when it isn’t properly maintained, taken care of, or installed properly. A homes energy efficiency relies on all of those things in order to keep the costs down. This is where we keep an eye out when purchasing a home to make sure it will benefit the new home owners.

Window Box Tips - my former black thumb - The Lilypad Cottage
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Things you want to look for in order to decide if you need new windows or not is caulking, weather stripping, air leakage, cracks, gaps, and be sure to check the joints as well. Is the window operable, does it open and close to ventilate, and can you safely lock them? Are they going to withstand a storm and weather for your location? These are questions you need ask yourself when looking both inside and outside at windows.

The window seat-a slice of Heaven. Had this at my previous house and I miss it so much :)
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The next important thing is choosing your replacing windows. There’s no point in replacing them if you aren’t going to invest what’s best for your home. Check the energy efficiency ratings before you buy and since there are so many options these days, you shouldn’t have trouble finding ones that are beneficial and beautiful! The last step is to make sure they are installed properly. Improperly installed windows are just as bad as old windows!

I hope these tips help if you are in the process of buying a home or renovating home!


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