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A little home inspiration to start the week off right! Today I want to show off some crisp, clean, and clutter free bedrooms. Starting off your morning in a bright clean room can really make a difference on your mood, especially if you aren’t a morning person!

White, Cream and Dark woodvia decorpad

5 Tips for Mastering a Perfect White Bedroom
via domainehome

mixed tones and textures on bed
via thewoodgraincottage

I like the two-tone drapes hung at the ceiling- this would probably work for our living room
via pinterest

The best way to stay clutter free is to start clutter free! If you are in the moving process or considering moving, that is a great time to get rid of all the extra things and start of with a fresh new room. Interested in buying a newly renovated home? We have a few for sale you won’t want to miss here!


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