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One thing that I absolutely love about older homes is finding those built in shelves that have been a part of the homes character from the beginning! Although some might not be as stunning when you see them at first, it doesn’t take much to make built in’s stand out and shine!

we should contemplate built in bookshelves in the formal living room as well as the informal dining space.via dawnajones

You’ll notice most placements of built in’s in older homes have amazing placement like the one above. It’s a great use of what might otherwise be a wasted space.

Built-In Structure - Built-in shelving units surrounding a fireplace make the components read as one, creating an eye-catching focal point for this living room. The symmetrical arrangements on the shelves draw attention to the fireplace in the center. A black frame around the firebox accentuates the fireplace even more.via bhg

At first glance those built in’s might not seem as amazing as they are cracked up to be, but a quick coat of paint can make an amazing difference.

Living room/ study w/ stripe carpet and black built ins dreamstodiggs

They also serve an awesome purpose as well! Although it may not seem apparent that open shelving great storage, there are great ways to store items without them being a distraction to an eye. A cute basket can be great visually and also hide away things!

bookshelves around door…for downstairs patiovia huntedinterior


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