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One of the things we look for in a home is outdoor space. Having indoor square footage is almost as important as outdoor! There are times we have built a deck or added a fence onto a home to give that extra space a little updgrade and show off all it has to offer.

Here’s some ideas for some outdoor space that might just inspire you to enjoy a little extra square footage:

Definitely am going to have an outdoor fireplace. Preferably right by the water like this. via paperblog

Love it when you can throw you're doors open to the garden! A lovely patio with plants & seats... <3 Garden
via pinterest

Outdoor deck
via pinterest

Trellis, pergola, they all stem from the same architectural idea.  If you have a sunroom and still have space to build from it, this is a smooth transition from it to the yard.
via jacqulynnsplace


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