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Dressing Up A Fireplace

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When we walk into a home and see a fireplace that has been ignored, there are always so many options to consider when fixing it back up to the centerpiece it was made to be.

Ten Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to a Suburban Home by The Everyday Homevia livecreativelyinspired


Some fireplaces aren’t usable anymore, and the best thing to do is make them a place to display a little of your personality into the home. Giving it a great mantle piece can really add some character and make it shine.

Updating a dated brick fireplace and brass door using paint. Easy and cheap way to makeover a fireplace!via involvingcolor

Others just need a simple paint to bring it back to life! Picking a neutral color is a great idea so you can change pretty much anything around it and it still looks amazing.

I like the mantel decor for thanksgiving time. After all the Halloween decor is down ;)via aprettylifeinthesuburbs

A pricey but gorgeous option is dressing it up from head to toe! Making it really stand out as the place to be in the room makes it really feel like home.

I love all of this :-)via livebeautifully

Sometimes a little stone can go a long way. Giving that that classy timeless feel can make a huge difference in the way it fits in the room.

East Coast Creative: Stenciled Faux-Tile Fireplace {Tutorial}  -----  If only I had the patience....via eastcoastcreative

Tile is another great affordable option  that can give a little character to the room without breaking the bank account.

Which is your favorite look?


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