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Hardwood vs Laminate

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One of the must haves on our list when we are updating a home is hardwood floors. If the home currently has hardwood floors than it’s just an easy refinish, but if it doesn’t then it’s on our list o be put in! While most renovators would choose a laminate due to it being budget friendly, we prefer hardwood. Here’s a few reason’s why:

Thinking about doing rustic hickory hardwoods.. thoughts??  Plantation Hardwood Floors Rustic Hickoryvia plantationhardwood

Although laminate is cheaper and easier to install, hardwood floors are easier to repair. So if any damage were to happen afterwards, it’s not the end of the world! It’s a pretty easy fix and most homeowners can easily do it themselves which will save some money when it comes to labor.

I love these floors - I usually don't like darker wood because it looks too formal, but this one seems really natural and relaxed.via macwoods

It will last you a lifetime. Literally, hardwood floors life expectancy is up to 75 years where laminate may last you about 20. For a difference in around $3 per square foot, I think it’s worth the end result to put the extra money out there and get hardwood upfront. It’ll help with resale value as well.

living rooms - hardwood floors, brick fireplace surround, white slipcovered sofavia decorpad

They are beautiful! Even the cheaper hardwood floors are gorgeous and there are plenty of choices. You can choose between solid wood, engineered wood, unfinished, prefinished, and that doesn’t even cover the types of wood.

Design Chic: Dark Hardwood Floors  Love the dark hardwood floors!!!!via mydesignchic

You can hear it in the footsteps. Most laminates, even with padding, make creaking plastic noises. Older homes with hardwood floors have the possibility of noise as well but when you are walking across it, you can definitely feel and hear the difference.



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