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Time for Some Change!

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Research is showing that people are ready to make some changes and try living in a new area. Change is the air and I have to agree, picking up and finding a new place sounds so exciting and fresh!

when you're shopping for a moving truck, compare prices at every rental truck provider and play around with the dates.via lifehacker

According to Gallup, 49 percent of all Connecticut residents want to change state! They aren’t the only ones ready to pack up a moving truck and get on the road, a good amount of the norther eastern seaboard is ready to go too! As you may have guessed there are some that aren’t ready to go – but who are those lucky few?


via gallup

 That’s right! People living in the exciting and luxurious areas like Montana, Hawaii, and Maine! I’m sure if I lived there, I wouldn’t want to leave either! It’s so intriguing to think about what life would be like in a new place, a new town, a new neighborhood! For some of us that can seem a bit overwhelming and scary but I don’t think we’ve lost all sense of adventure. It seems like the younger generations have taken up the idea of traveling and moving more often much like the former generations once had!

Vintage suitcases | More vintage lusciousness here: pinterest

It’s time to pass down those suitcases and get moving! It’s fascinating how many people are unhappy where they currently are. Especially since research shows that Amercains may have stopped changing states at the worst possible time! During and just after the recession the moving rate dropped and those are the best opportunities to make the change with the housing market prices low and moving expenses much cheaper!

Housing market boosts confidencevia

Most of the excuses were lack of jobs but with the recession in full swing there weren’t jobs anywhere so it wouldn’t have mattered where you were! People often move to where the jobs are but that’s also where most of the higher costs of living are. To get ahead of the game, buying a lower cost of living area with the potential when the housing prices pick back up again.

St. Augustine Florida - I've been here twice and love it so much.  It is one of the most beautiful towns in the country!via offbeattravel

This leaves so much opportunity when there is a promising sign of a economic boost coming! Are you feeling the itch to move? If so I would pick up before housing prices go up any higher! A big thanks to for sharing some great information with us.


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