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More Choices for Spring Buyers

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The Long Island - Country Homes Builder Perth and WA - Country Home Designs - Rurual Homes - Plunkett Homesvia plunkethome

According to the spring home buying season is off to a great start compared to last year! The price increases have been gradually rising and the amount of homes for sale are giving buyers options. More homes on the market make it easier for new buyers to move up and the affordable prices are perfect for those first time home buyers.

Untitledvia zillow

“Bidding wars in many markets last year frequently elevated offer prices beyond the reach of first-time buyers who could scarcely save for the down payment,” said Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move, Inc. “While inventory is still low, the continuing annual lift in the number of homes on the market that we’ve seen over the first months of 2014 is an indicator that buying conditions this year may be notably improved from the frenzied pace of last spring.”

perfect little home!via nicety

Here’s to hoping spring brings in a great real estate year for everyone!


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