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Prices In Tampa Climbing!


Is it just me or does the thought of Tampa, Florida seem like a great place to be right now!? This winter weather has been rough and most of us are ready for some serious sunshine! I’m not the only one feeling this way because the Tampa housing market is on a serious climb!

Symmetrical Reflection    Symmetrical Reflection of downtown Tampa in the Hillsborough River, Tampa, Florida  This shot is an ongoing challenge for me because the buildings are so close to the water it is tough to get the full reflection.
via flickr

According to CNN, most of the housing market was leaning towards purchasing homes for the price and getting the best deal, not necessarily where the jobs were. Now we are looking places where the jobs are growing and the housing markets are making a statement! Getting that dream home you always wanted near the water in the sunshine is looking pretty great right about now.

booming growth cities tampa
via cnn

Some other things that are looking great in Tampa? For one, it’s been rated one of Sperlings Best Places to Live! There is a lot to do with major parks, aquariums, and museums to choose from as well as a wide variety of shops to choose from.

Bush Garden, Tampa, Florida
via pinterest

If you are bringing kids with you, you are in for a treat. The school systems are great and not to mention the University of Tampa is there! The local economy is noteworthy with big name companies that are helping to keep them strong like DUKE Energy and Raymond James Financial.  The cost of living is affordable and so is the housing market at the moment, but that may change soon! It looks like I’m going to need to book my next flight there as soon as possible!



2 thoughts on “Prices In Tampa Climbing!

  1. I moved to Florida a few years ago and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am that I did. I would definitely recommend it! Why just vacation to a spot you can live in year round? Why complain about the months and months of endless snow when you can avoid it? I literally feel like I’m on vacation every day. If I have to work, I would much rather have a beautiful drive with views of the ocean and palm trees.

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