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One of the things we try to do in a new home is save the original hardwood flooring if we can. Original hardwood floors give the house it’s character and charm and when they are properly restored they can really make a home shine.

original hardwood floors

First you need to prep the floors to be sanded. This means removing or nailing in any loose nails, fixing any loose or broken boards, and make sure sure the surface is nice is clean.

Next comes the sanding! Getting the floors sanded down takes away almost all the scruffs and scratches in the wood. If there are top coat stains, sanding can also help!

7 Steps to refinish your hardwood floor...a step by step tutorial.

Picking the right color stain is important and we try to find a color that’s similar to the original hardwood to keep it natural to the homes original character. It’s important to make sure you even out the stain properly. When too much stain is in a certain spot it makes it sticky and almost impossible for the stain to dry.

Sanding before restaining and sealing produces a clean new look but with the texture of the old material.

Last is sealing. All that hard work needs to be sealed to prevent further scratches and scuffs. This will also make cleaning the floors much easier to maintain. Hardwood floors are something that we think is a mandatory staple in a home. If we come across one that doesn’t we always put them in!

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