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Adding To The Community

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One of our goals in the process of renovating a home is to add to the community. We love taking a home that could use a little help and restoring it to it’s former glory with a little bonus of some upgraded materials! Not only does the inside get a makeover but we also like to upgrade the curb appeal which can enhance the community in many ways!

Such a beautiful older home! Love the style!

Whenever there is work being done on the house, it seems like the rest of the neighborhood steps out to see what’s going on! This is a great opportunity to get to know the neighbors stir up some sense of community to bring everyone together.

Great idea, accessible from both sides. Might prefer on upper set of cupboards, to avoid bending over.

Curb appeal can make a difference to the neighborhood as well! It might just spark some of the other neighbors to do a little upgrading themselves and the next thing you know, the rest of the neighborhood is eye catching!

Perfect house! Small, Cute, Character, Natural light, Simple Landscaping, Patio/Deck, Fireplace, Cute entrance, PERFECT!!!!!!!

Although we love to do low maintenance when it comes to the outdoors, keeping up with the curb appeal which gets you outside and as well as your neighbors if they are following suit, that’s just one more way to bring everyone together!

Sidewalk space, plants, children, dogs.. what's not to like?

We like to think all it takes is a little love to bring the community together and if a little updating and curb appeal can do that, we are doing the best we can to create a better place.


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