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Trulia posted their top ten tips for finding the perfect home and I couldn’t agree more! Here’s a brief summary of what they had to say: Your Best Exterior Ever    If these simple and subtle changes aren't providing enough curb appeal, it may be time for some minor structural changes. Consider a new front door, roof, or siding. Or add columns and a portico. If you're contemplating a major facelift, call in professionals to help you envision and build your ideal exterior.  Find 20 more easy ways to add curb appeal.

1. Go for the long haul

Imagine being able to live there for five to ten years. Do you think this home will still work for you if you are planning on growing your family or having any other major changes in your life? The longer you stay in a home the higher your equity grows and with the current market growing, the better chances of you making more on your home when you turn around to sell it. Room to Grow: 15 Modern Boy Rooms

2. Leave room to grow

Life changes and sometimes not how we expected too! Twins instead of one baby, college graduate moving back in after graduation, parents moving in. There are so many scenarios that may happen and knowing you have the extra space to accommodate is key! Make sure the home is flexible to adapt to what you need it to be. A Thoughtful Place: Friday Eye Candy: Multi-Function Rooms

3. Be flexible

Rooms that have multiple functions are beneficial, especially if you are going to be there for a long time. When you are walking through a house, if you notice that you are saying this could be the playroom, or office, or spare bedroom – it’s a good sign! pretty townhouse

4. Go for your type

Not every house is built for everyone. A single family home might not be what you are looking for if you are a single person who loves the city and would rather take public transit than have a car! A condo or townhouse might be the better option!

Favorite neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights. Front stoops and sun speckled sidewalks, Brooklyn Heights is like a real-life postcard.

5. Check the surroundings

When moving into a home, you are also moving into the neighborhood. Take moment to tour the neighborhood and see if it’s the kind of area where you feel like you’d be comfortable. Is it too busy of a street, are the homes to close, is it walking distance to shops? Everyone has their own desires in a neighborhood and they are just as important as the home! Designed by Eric Moser, Sugarberry Cottage embodies all the notions of a historic Lowcountry cottage but with modern amenities. Siding and shutters are made from environmentally friendly and low-maintenance composite materials. A gabled roof with exposed rafter tails and a metal roof underscore the historic look.  --  Photo by Jean Allsopp via Southern Living

6. Buy what you can afford

Try to stay on budget! Sometimes even if your heart wants the home that’s a little too pricey, you may find out later that it wasn’t worth the extra funds. This will help if any mishaps happen along the road as well. Losing your job might not be in your future plans but knowing you can come up with what you need to keep living in your home is important, even in the worst cast scenario. welcoming front porch - The Cozy Home of the Stylist Kara Rosenlund | 79 Ideas

7. Think “home” first

Buying a home isn’t just an investment. Don’t just think about the dollar signs when you resale, you are going to live here for a good amount of time and you want to love it as well! By the time you go to resell it might be a completely different market so you can’t always buy with the thought of resale in mind. Love this entrance

8. Look at both old and new (and renovated!)

Moving into a brand new home may seem like a great idea but older homes have their perks as well. Most tend to be cheaper than buying a brand new home and you can still add in all the features yourself to customize it how you want. It may come down to square footage. You get more for your money if you are willing to look at all the options. Get the best of both worlds with a renovated home – older home with more square footage for your money, but with upgraded materials and appliances! lovely street

9. Location, location

Everyone says this but not everyone follows through with it in the end. If you aren’t in your desired location, you might may be making a mistake that you’ll regret for the duration of your time in that home. Make sure it’s where you want to be!

10. When it comes time to sell

Even though you want to think of you first in the home buying process, it is good to think about the resale value at the end. Is this home something that would be easy to sell when the time comes? Is it in a good location? Is the neighborhood safe? These shouldn’t be in your first though of purchasing a home but it’s good to keep in mind.     Thank you trulia for your amazing tips! Pictures via pinterest.


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