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The Little Touches

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Great renovating comes down to the most minimal details that mean the world. Cabinet knobs, sink faucets, lighting above the bathroom mirror. Everyone considers these as standard features but finding the ones that will add a little something extra to the space can make a huge difference.

Really liked these wood kitchen cabinets. Spanish Mission style

Drawer pulls and handles may seem like an easy pick but matching it with the rest of materials in the kitchen can make it look like they were meant to be.

Replacing a kitchen faucet

When picking a kitchen sink faucet, it needs to be easy, functional, but still pleasing to eye. Finding the perfect set to go with the type of sink your using is important as well.

Curtains for the kitchen   34 photo ideas for inspiration

Kitchen lighting can get quite personal fast! Since there are so many different style of lighting, sticking with the same family of drawer pulls and sink hardware is a great idea.

There's something so wonderful about blue and white bathrooms

Bathrooms can be quite different from kitchen styles since you want them to be a bit more delicate and simple looking. Small spaces require a little more attention to the small details as well as size friendly to not feel overwhelming in the space.

Beach Cottage Bathroom Inspiration ~ Wall Decor and Storage

The little details that make up the kitchen and bathroom are something we enjoy updating in our renovation because it’s those fine details that add up to make a room stand out.

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