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Things You May Not Have Considered

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Renovating a home is not always as easy as it seems! Purchasing a renovated home on the other hand is a breath of fresh air. Not sure why? Here’s a few things you might not have known about the process of renovating a home:

In order to change and upgrade a home to the standards we like, we have to really get to know the home. That means inside and out! We check out every aspect of the home to make sure, what we are doing is going to be a good improvement.

NORTH CAROLINA: Exterior of Ann Nicholson's North Carolina Home Post-Renovation. 8/20/2012 via @Country Living Magazine

We have done an extensive amount of homework on this renovation! When it comes to our contractors, materials, supplies, and team; you don’t want anything but the best. Knowing what quality of work is being put into the home is half the battle.

counters and cabinets. possibly for new kitchen?

There has been a lot of planning put into this home. Between scheduling, budgeting, and getting the right permits; we have list and are ready to check it off as we go. It is worth all the hard hours put into it to guarantee the home will be done correctly.

wood floors + patterned pillows

After putting so much into the home already, we are on site to make sure it comes out right. There are no exceptions when it comes to our renovated homes. This makes the ease of you purchasing it worth every minute.


We do all the grunt work so you can enjoy that move in ready home you always dreamed of! Imagine walking in and being able to say, “Welcome home!”.

pictures via 1. countryliving 2. modernjane 3. tumblr 4. hometalk

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