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A Little Curb Appeal

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Since the weather is finally starting to warm up and spring cleaning is on it’s way, we thought we’d share some great tips to improve your curb appeal! Making a change doesn’t have to cost a fortune, sometimes it’s more hard work than it is money!

New sod can transform the appearance of your home! More curb appeal on a dime:

Take a step back and see what it is you like and don’t like about the front of your home. Are the bushes too high, is there a tree blocking your view, or maybe there just isn’t any color to brighten up the home.

Great tips for how to create curb appeal. (We'd say this house has it!)

Sometimes overgrown shrubs can block some of the beauty of your home’s curb appeal. If keeping up with it is the problem, consider replacing them with low maintenance shrubs that are easier to maintain but still compliment the home.

20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal!

Make guests feel welcome by keeping the entryway open and clear of clutter. Sometimes simple is the best way to go!

cottage and vine: Six Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Check your outdoor lighting to make sure it works for your area. A well lit area is great curb appeal at night, but too much light can take away from the home. Find the right balance that works for you!

No muss, no fuss . . .

Finally add some color or a personal touch. After all, this home’s curb appeal matters to you the most! You are the one coming home to it each day.

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