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5 Reasons to Love Fayetteville, NC

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1. Small Town Feel – City Convenience:

Fayetteville has a great way of making you feel at home and giving you a small town feel where almost everyone is friendly and courteous. There are plenty of Mom & Pop shops and restaurants but you still get the luxury of city shopping and life. This is a great compromise for couples that might not agree on city/small town!

2. Golf 12 Months of the Year!

The climate in Fayetteville is sure to bring out those who love the outdoors. With Highs in the 50’s and Lows in the 30’s in December and January, you can still have a great golf day in the sun mid winter! Summers are pretty great too with the Highs in the upper 80’s and Lows in 70’s you are not going to melt or be stuck indoors!

3. Charming Affordable Homes

With the median income being just under $45,000 and average home cost being around $150,000 you are bound to find a property you can love inside and out! Another plus to the affordable homes is  the crime rate is very low in Fayetteville so you won’t have to worry. Chances are great you can find a great deal of a house in a safe neighborhood!


4. There’s Always Something To Do

Between shopping, restaurants, trails, fishing, hunting, golfing, museums and much much more! There are plenty of things happening in Fayetteville, you won’t have any issues keeping busy. You might actually have trouble deciding what to do first!

5. Family Friendly and Fun

Fayetteville is a great place to raise children. The school systems are some of the highest rated in the area and family friendly neighborhoods give you the comfort of knowing your children are safe. There is also an amazing Fascinate-U Children’s Museum you wouldn’t want to miss.

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