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140 Meadow Road: Floor Update


Last week the floors and cabinets were all finished at 140 Meadow!



The new oak looks great, and so does the 45 degree tile in the kitchen. It really looks great with the contrasting light and dark Hickory cabinets and new granite.


But the best look of all is the reclaimed hardwood pine and oak floors for the upstairs bedrooms.


These floors show the character of this old house and provide a warm, bright space that “wow’s” everyone who walks on them!



Here’s a peak at the new carpet that was put in and the finished molding!



This home has come so far from where we started. If you don’t remember here are some of the previous posts we’ve done: Under Construction, Rehab Update, HVAC & Entryway, and Progress at 140


2 thoughts on “140 Meadow Road: Floor Update

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  2. Really looks great!

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