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What A Great Year

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What a great year 2013 has been! As we look back on all the accomplishments we’ve had we also look forward to another great year ahead. Here’s some of the things we are celebrating:
May: Formed an LLC that capitalizes on the experience and interest of three key partners:
– Adam Baughman: Commercial Real Estate Construction, Engineering background, Project Management
– Ben Smith: Residential Real Estate purchase and renovation, buy and hold experience, Business Management background
– Britney Smith: Residential buy and hold experience, tenant / seller relations, Financial expertise, and Marketing
June – July: Heavily networked and formed relationships with key Realtors, Brokers, Investors,Rehabbers, Contractors, and Title Companies. Developed on-line presence; created web site and social media sites, and began direct marketing to sellers.
1 Front
August – December: Perfected direct marketing, outsourced some basic business functions, and submitted 10-30 offers per month on houses in our preferred markets. Began purchasing homes and managing rehabs on a large scale. Established a Private Placement Memo for our investors looking for an easy way to participate in our business.
1913 Harcourt Ave, Crofton
End Result:
– Purchased numerous Single Family Homes in our 3 markets (MD, NC, and FL) from $52k – $400k
– Managed Rehabs ranging from $1,200 to $130,000 on homes purchased
– Purchased properties primarily from our Direct Marketing efforts, but also from referrals and MLSlistings
– Received offers on 80% of our rehab’d houses within 15 days of completion
MPS stands poised to meet 2014 with even more focus, vigor, and passion. We will sustain our ability to manage multiple rehabs and continue to submit multiple offers to get the right houses at the right price. With an increase in marketing, we also plan to increase our “homes purchased” in 2014. We will continue to develop valuable relationships with top contractors and real estate professionals, and maximize ROI while minimizing risk for our investors!
Thank you all for a great 2013 and we look forward to sharing a prosperous 2014 with you!
“Improving America’s Communities, One Home at a Time!”
Benjamin M. Smith  |  Adam M. Baughman  |  Britney O. Smith

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